I know what I would do, do you?

gay rights 1

Does this woman tell it like it is, or what?

Take a look at her background for instance.

A straight, white woman in the limelight of Hollywood.

Who would know better than her

what labeling and judging people are about?

She’s been with us a very long time and has seen and done it all,

especially in the eyes of the world.

She knows first hand how easy it is to have one little thing said

that can completely shatter someone’s life.

Whether it’s religion, sexual orientation, race or gender,

it doesn’t matter!

Judging is judging on any scale.

What amuses me every time the subject comes up

of people and their hatred towards anyone,

I can’t help but think how I would love to ask those people

so filled with hatred,

that if they were walking along a river and saw someone fall in and begin to drown,

if their first thought would be to rescue a human life,

or stand there in doubt

and ask if they are gay, or what their religion is before they make a move?

(of course the shoe could be on the other foot and they could be the one drowning)

again I would ask if they were the one clinging to life,

would they be secretly thinking in the middle of the panic,

“geez, I sure hope the person saving me isn’t homosexual or a protestant? Good grief, everyone will think I am too!”

( if  they don’t drown with all that thinking first, of course)

Doesn’t that one just blow you away?

How about this one for instance.

A friend is telling you about an amazing person they met.

 How full of life and sweet they are,

and how incredibly kind they have been to them.

Is your first thought,

“geez, I sure hope they aren’t colored or from a foreign country, otherwise I would have to overlook the nice qualities you see in them!”


“please don’t tell me they are Buddhist or female, otherwise I would have to NOT like them and judge them based on what I know!”

Scary thought, isn’t it?

Ignorance sure has its place and some people actually have that frame of mind.


Sadly it still is a thorn in our side

when it comes to

teaching equality in this world.

As Betty White has pointed out,

if we all spent more time dealing with our own lives

and less time concerned that those who are different

 have an agenda to transform and make everyone they come in contact with,

“just like them”

(which I find hilarious)

because those so freaked out about all this,

think those of difference have  nothing better to do with their time

and seeing as they DON’T

-have jobs to go to,

 -families to support,

-bills to pay,

-children to raise,

-animals to love,

-friends to spend time with

-charities to donate to

-organizations to volunteer with

-pay taxes,


Good lord, I could go on and on,  couldn’t I?

Unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world,

and sadly there are those who would still read this and have something

ridiculous to add,

but you know what?

The best I can do is believe in what I believe in.

Make a point of living my life in a way

that people aren’t one thing or another when it comes to compassion and love.

I have often said that I do not have the power to change the world,

but I DO have to power to change what goes on in


If you aren’t sure where you stand,

take a walk by a river or pond and ask yourself…

Would I try and save someone’s life today?

The choice is yours!

In the kind and sweet words of Ellen Degeneres…


Make it a great day everybody!

God bless~


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