do we really need to freak out over cheese?

This little story won’t be a long one but something that I realized the other day.

A friend and I were stopping at the local coffee shop to pick up our morning coffee

and as we went through, she had ordered a breakfast sandwich with cheese.

Seems simple enough but when we got to the window,

she noticed it didn’t have the cheese.

In a pretty firm voice she passed it back to me and with a very annoyed manner



As the girl stood there reaching for it,

she apologized for the mix up and hurried to get the right one.

I could feel the anxiety in my friend like she had been purposely picked on.

I turned and said

“no worries, she’s got this.”

As my friend continued to let me know that she was too tired and cranky for this,

that we were running late,

and they should know better,

I calmly said,

“how do you know her morning wasn’t the same, and the first person she gets to greet sets the tone for the rest of her day by losing it about cheese.”

I mean, we are so distracted with what and where we have to be,

could it be possible that the person you deal with first thing in the morning may have just

had a rough morning as well.

From kids to family problems and everything in between.

I really have a big problem with that one.

Long story short,

I looked the drive thru girl in the eye as she passed us our order,

and said…

“I sure hope you have a much better day my dear.”

With a little smile she replied,

“Thank you and you have a great day too!”

Now I have no idea if that little gesture even did a thing,

but freaking out about something as minor as cheese just doesn’t make much sense to me.

(and yes even you coffee nuts as well)

We have all heard the term,

Pay it forward.

I would like to believe that maybe that poor girl

had a rough start of her own,

and by taking that one extra second to say,

“it’s all good”

and a wish for a better day,

could just be all that she needed to change her day!

That’s it for today,

so I will leave you with this…


So if today is your day to stop for morning coffee

and things get a little mixed up.

Look that person in the eyes,

remind yourself that you aren’t the only one in this world dealing with crap.

Take the time for a kind wish before you leave

and I promise you,

there is a really good chance

your day will turn around as well!

I dare ya 😉

Make it a great day everybody!

God Bless!


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