wishing the days away…

Before I begin, I can not take the credit for this idea.

A dear friend had thrown this one at me,

so here’s my attempt to bring it to light.

Seems these days we have a lot of amazing spiritual leaders and free spirits,

trying to convince us and empower us,

that the only way to be happy with our lives

is to live in the moment.

To spend less time wishing the days away.

in the moment 2

Seems easy enough with their analogies and well versed speeches

but how many of us really take it to heart?

Not sure about any of you,

but as hard as I try to keep that idea in the fore front of my mind each and every day,

it seems I spend the majority of my time caught up in “wishing my day away”

Let’s start with the first thought on a Monday for some of us.

is it friday

Okay so Monday is a bust!

Onward and Upward as they say.

Most of us aren’t quitters

(myself included)

so once again,

we focus and make all attempts through the course of the week to

make every effort to stay in the now and not wish the days away like the free spirits remind us.

Life is too short and time is too precious as they say.

For the most part,

some of us really, really do try!

in the moment 3

 So the rest of the week has us a little too busy to dream ourselves too far ahead

(have to blame Monday’s mood for putting us in that little pickle and starting us off behind the eight ball)

but somehow in every attempt to savor the moment in the confusion of life, work and family,

we still make time to wish the days away.

The next thing we know

 another week is coming to its end and once again,

our overactive minds bounce us out of

” the here and now”

and jump feet first

into what seems to be the only reason why we even wake up on Monday.

the weekend

Before we know it,

another week has passed us by

and we have convinced ourselves that Saturday and Sunday are the only two days that

 “living in the moment”  really applies to.

(this excludes those who work weekends or shift work of course)

but don’t feel left out.

Think about your days off that you look forward to and the “wishing away” ideas you have in your mind.

So the work week has us grumbling and in some cases down right miserable.

However the way I see it…

There is nothing wrong with wishing the days away

in hopes of the weekends or vacations or other happy events we look forward to but

I think the key is to remember that in the middle of it all,

little moments are put in place to remind us that “here and now” is exactly where you should be.

Let’s just say for instance…

you got an email or text message from someone to give you a laugh in the middle of the day or

how about a lunch date with a dear friend that you are excited about.

Your favorite song came on the radio just as you pull out of the driveway on the way to work.

Your child gave you the biggest hug before heading off to school.

These are just a few,

but feel free to remember your own.

Trust me it won’t hurt!

I don’t think there is anything wrong with wishing the days away

just as long as you remind yourself

 that those little moments are the reason

you made it through today!

in the moment 1

Make it a great day everybody!


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