it’s never too late to shine!

inner child

So how many of you even consider this one?

(just to be clear, this is for the boys as well)

Being a clown at heart I have the hardest time when I meet or know people with that serious and unapproachable quality.

I sit and wonder what someone’s day must really be like without that child-like energy and enthusiasm.

Hell, I still laugh when the ketchup bottle makes that “fart’ sound!

It takes every ounce of will power not to laugh out loud if someone even uses the “fart or poop” word in a conversation.

Unfortunately we are wired differently, and that’s okay too I suppose.

We definitely need mature and responsible people to take care of the serious stuff

 but thank the Good Lord,

he didn’t put me in charge of that one!

(must have something to do with me and the ketchup bottle )

Okay, where was I going with this?

Oh yes!

We all have our own unique characteristics,

and we all deliver our contributions as little or big as they may be.

My big thing is regardless of who you are or what you want the world to remember of you as,

there is always room and time for adjustments.

Thinking you have to remain a certain way is not something set in stone!

(which can be such a difficult task for those that are set in their ways)


Perfect example that this is absolutely achievable is to take a look at your parents.

(even those of you who’s parents are not with us)

They were and are NOT the same people when we were growing up,

especially if grand-kids came into the picture.

It seems that they lighten up leaps and bounds.

The things that had them bent out of shape when you were doing them as a kid,

aren’t as big deal all of a sudden.

( Of course the grand parent curse comes into effect)

“Just wait till you have kids of your own!”

If you are not convinced of this,

notice  how amused they become or how much more they smile when you are dealing with an unruly child!

(I think it has something to do with a few unwritten rule’s in the grandparent manual)

” I can always send them home”

and my personal favorite,

“payback can be a bitch!”

How many of you out there sometimes looked at them and thought,

“Okay, where are my parents and what have you done with them?”

Isn’t it interesting that we as grown ups

notice they now have the expensive cereal with the free toys in their pantries?

(just in case their poor and starving grand kids come over of course)

All I know is my perception of who they were is nothing close to who they have become.

I notice a more easy going flow and that child-like spirit within them,

especially when they are surrounded with the grand kids.

If you don’t believe me, compare the tone of their voices now

to back when you ran around the house like a madman.

Not even close…right?

God knows that with everything we have put them through,

they certainly deserve our appreciation

and you have to admire their willingness to allow that softer side to finally show us

a valuable life lesson.

inspiration 2

So if you have the mind set that making changes in your life are impossible,

or trying to better your own spirit and personality to simply make the rest of your days more peaceful and enjoyable.

Take a minute to think about this.

No one on earth can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt,

(like our parents)

that it’s never too late

to allow the child in you to to shine!

be yourself

Just one more thing.

I sure hope you are not under the impression that you have to be a grandparent to teach this lesson.

Making adjustments are possible on any given day and at any stage of life,

so if today happens to be your day to release your inner child,

I have three words to get you started…


Make it a great day everybody and God bless!


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