did I just use my outside voice?

thinking 2

I just heard the other day that every person can have 60 to 80 thousand thoughts in just one day,

which got me to thinking?

First of all…

I’d be interested to know who drew the short stick to actually sit with someone an entire day and do all that counting?

 Second of all…

Can you imagine if it was virtually possible to speak outside your head in the form of those bubbles like the comic books we all read as kids?

thinking 1

Seriously, can you imagine?

Take a look at this crowd for example.

thinking 3

I can’t help but wonder how much bubble banging would be happening at this event  and what thoughts are passing through each person’s mind  in this crowd.

However  that one guy with sunglasses and a T shirt  must be Thanking Jesus and his bookie  for whoever just won the race !

(scroll back if you want, he’s to the left, clasping his hands and the only one standing)

Here are just a few other interesting situations that caught my attention.

The bubble over my head right now is saying…

“Let’s have some fun with this, shall we?”


Could it be possible Father Mike here is dealing with self image issues or deep in thought about that low fat diet he started last Sunday?

thinking 4

 “Dear Lord, bless these people behind me and Thank You for this cape that does an incredible job hiding my fat ass!”


Anyone care to bet the bubble over that poor guy’s head at the end of this line is saying…


“Dear God,  I will never mix baked beans and draft beer on a Sunday again!”


Let’s not forget our beloved animals and those precious toddlers.

 If they could actually speak,

life would be so much more entertaining!

thinking 14

thinking 11

thinking kid

thinking 13

I could go on forever with these  but you get the idea!


Why am I thinking that whatever this patient says in his bubble,

it would definitely involve cap locks and a bad word that rhymes with “truck?”

thinking 9


And last but not least for anyone with kids, family trips and traffic.

There would only be ONE gigantic bubble over this situation!

thinking 7



You have to admit that this would be one scary and crazy notion in the world we live in,

but something tells me that if you were open to finding the lighter things in life,

nothing or no one could ever burst that bubble!


I hope this one put a smile on your face

and that bubble over my head right now is saying…

“Make it a great day everybody!” 


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