in the real world…what defines you?

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Before I even begin with this one,

I just want those of you reading this,

that are dedicated to staying fit,

and conscious of healthy eating habits,

to know how admired you are for the sacrifices you do make

and to understand how deeply respected you all are.

The sad reality is not everyone of us have that motivation or dedication and above all

uncomplicated life events between work, raising kids and that god awful thing we call “aging”.

Although it may seem simple enough to say, “just do it”  according to Nike,

the world isn’t perfect and life doesn’t make it easy.

(not an excuse, just an observation)

I think what sets us all apart is what our brains tell us day in and day out.

exercise 9

Some would view this as a genius idea and others would say

“are you friggin kidding me?”

Let’s be real for a second.

How many of you could even imagine what a size 2 is?

(excluding all the bored super-models reading this of course)

If life has finally taught me anything,

my body isn’t and has never been designed for that without looking like I have been diagnosed with some eating disorder.

The crazy part is,

there is actually a size zero and last I checked,

zero is defined as “nothing”

which tells us what exactly?

exercise 13

Speaking for those who actually love food but still try to maintain healthy standards,

we really do make efforts here and there to improve ourselves

but maybe not in a way of becoming extreme fitness and health fanatics.

However we do try in our own warped little ways.

I have always admired those who do Yoga and gave it a try once.

Turns out you really have to focus and be someone who doesn’t get distracted very easily.

Failed attempt # 1

exercise 12

But I still haven’t given up!

So now to the nutrition aspect.

I am completely aware of the health benefits but again,

when you love food,

this one is an extreme challenge.

Failed attempt # 2

exercise 14

I figure there are a few of you nodding in agreement.

(even the health conscious one’s would admit to this one)

Again, not to make excuses

because each and every one of us know damn well

what is best to maintain

a healthy lifestyle.

Some choose to, and some don’t.

Some try and succeed and some fail.

Some are devoted to it, and some aren’t.

Which leads me to this…

No one is perfect.

No one has the right to condemn another for their choices.

No one is any better than anyone else!

The only influence you should bank on at the end of every day is the person you look at in the mirror.

What you decide to give is what you should expect

and how you feel about yourself

is something no one else can feel for you.

After all,

that’s your face and body image  in that mirror,

Not theirs!

exercise 15

I honestly believe if we all spent less time seeking perfection

and more effort working on perception,

this world would be filled with affection!

Opinions are like assholes,

everybody has one.

This just happens to be mine!

So if you will excuse me,

I may give that Yoga thing another shot.

Thinking I’ll get a pedicure this time and hopefully clear up that ugly toe problem 😉

Make it a great day everybody!


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