back in the day…Did I really just say that?

old days

Those grimace’s on your faces are showing your age my friends!

Ahhh the good old days when our version of  iTunes was actually standing in the local record store and

sifting through rows upon rows of albums in search of that one favorite song.

(thinking if kids today heard about this, they would be in complete horror that we actually had to physically leave the house and stand for hours with our fingers crossed that we found what we were looking for.)

5 tddisc

The great thing however, is we did evolve.

Someone turned us into a techno age with the invention of cassettes and tape recorders which had us all thinking that life as we knew it would now become a Star Wars or Star Trek adventure into the future.

Now we could record the actual songs we wanted from the radio and save time and money in the process.

(laughing out loud at this point confirms your involvement with that theory…doesn’t it?)

Of course as advanced as we thought this was

it presented it’s own set of problems.

Walk with me through this one.

old days 2

Not sure of any of you but I still remember sitting on pins and needles trying to hit the stop button at  the exact second I thought I could beat out the radio announcer and whatever commercial he was about to endorse.

(isn’t it funny how we never caught on to that and still we never gave up)

One more little tidbit to add.

Dubbing song to song.

Now that was a challenge all on it’s own.

Trying to time every recording smoothly into the next without hearing that “click” or “static.”

(after so many failed attempts I realized early on that being a DJ of any kind would never be a career choice of mine)

However I did succeed with a few good ones and couldn’t wait to play them in my new recorder or car stereo.

Of course overcoming one challenge made for yet another one.

Does this remind you of anything?

old days 5

Show of hands here…

How many of you sat on the floor with that pencil, patience and precision and tried to unravel and meticulously unwind and unhook  miles and miles of tape like a surgeon performing bowel surgery?

I know…

not a pretty comparison but you get my drift.

Let’s not forget the car stereo and it’s eating habits either.

(I did my best surgeries in the car…trust me!)

If I mention 8 tracks, how many of you are going to think “Holy Crap I am that old?

old days 11

Well folks…

Old is what we may think we are, but those were some fun times.

It was the beginning of a new age and although it may seem so out dated and old fashioned,

I for one am so very glad I was apart of it.

Some of my fondest memories were the songs I waited all day to record and you can bet I ended up performing surgery again and again.

(can you say “sucker for punishment”)

 I sure hope this one brought back some good memories and reminded you that life back than may not have  been very “cool”  in the eyes of our children today,

but they will never know that feeling and I wouldn’t trade all the IPod’s or MP3’s in the world for any of it!

Make it a great day everybody! 😉


4 thoughts on “back in the day…Did I really just say that?

    • Thank you Steve and glad it brought back some good times. Those 8 tracks were something else in the day. To give you a rough idea, they would be the equivalent to the old Nokia phone sitting next to the new cell phones today. Monsters and took up a lot of space but fun all the same.

    • Definitely thank God for that now…My pet peeve was finally getting that song and having it cut off right at the end by the radio announcer. Drove me insane back than! Thanks for dropping by!!

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