time change, Monday and a chicken…

4I know…

A ridiculous thought for a Monday but time change and a rainy day will do that to some people.

(okay, maybe it’s just me!)

When I came across this one my very first thought was…

When was the last time I ever saw a chicken actually cross the road?


It’s one of the oldest jokes we have ever been told

and the crazy thing is,

we all find it so entertaining.

(again, maybe it’s just me!)



Regardless of it’s meaning,

or how many times we hear it,

we are amused.

(this is really not making me look too good right about now… is it?)

Oh well, it’s all about laughter and no one can ever say I am a chicken when it comes to that.

(a turkey possibly, but never a chicken!)


Stay tuned everybody…

My mind has just wondered to what came first?

the chicken or the egg?

( maybe I should just take a nap and put an end to this madness!)


Happy Monday…

Make it a great day everybody! 😉


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