so you had a bad day?

mama said

If life has taught us anything,

Mama was always right when it comes to this one.

God knows they’ve been there and done that.

What we all seem to forget however, is that regardless of how bad those days were,

they managed to get through them.

So this has me thinking …

What do we consider a bad day?

I mean each and every one of us have our own “bad days” but at what level does it become necessary for the hair pulling?

Is it the fact that the kids are at a noise level and not listening to one thing you say and driving you absolutely nuts?

Could it be the laundry is piled to high heaven and lo and behold the washing machine decides it’s tired and doesn’t feel like working today?

Maybe the car isn’t in the mood to travel and decided to conk out and leave you stranded on a day of an important meeting.

A favorite of mine is when the alarm clock sleeps in with you and once you realize you are now running late,

it becomes a mad dash marathon to dress and while driving like a demon you frantically try to remember if you even brushed your teeth.

(Oh and from personal experience, trying to slurp a coffee with all that adrenaline is NOT a good idea, unless coffee stains on your shirt is the look you are going for that day)

Trust me on that one folks πŸ™‚

For most of you there is at least one you can relate to and more than likely have a few more to add to list.

So what happens when you are dead center in that “day from hell?”

At what point do you think it is never going to end?

The only advice that would make any sense is this…

No one is exempt from having bad days.

It’s just the way it is and all you can do in those rattling and chaotic moments is throw your hands in the air and remind yourself that God willing you won’t be feeling the same way tomorrow.

(of course stepping outside and having a good scream may help a bit, but with the luck your having on that particular day you best be prepared for flashing lights and a paddy wagon to show up)

Again, trust me on that one folks πŸ™‚

Regardless of how I am poking fun with this one,

it is without a doubt a very nerve racking event and can drive you into complete and utter craziness but if there is one thing that always sticks in my mind is this…

“This too shall pass”

(okay so maybe not as quick as we would like)

but it does.

Β  So if you can settle yourself down for even a second

(my recommendation is the closest washroom you can find because no one wants to disturb you in there)

face the mirror with that horrified look on your face and say this…

“the same time tomorrow, this won’t even matter”

Now remove your fingers from your ratted hair,

splash some cold water on your face Β and know in your heart that if Mama could do it…


blog 1

I sure hope this helps a little but if you find it doesn’t…

The acoustics in the washroom are fantastic for that screaming thing I recommended!

One more time…

Trust me on this one folks πŸ˜‰

Make it a great day everybody!

never give up


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