Spring….are we there yet??

penguin summer

So I may be jumping the gun just a little,

but come on people, after all my complaining of how tired I am of this winter weather,

I’m thinking it’s time to put a positive and fun spin on what’s coming.

After all, in a few weeks and according to the calender,

Spring is officially here!

(of course us Canadians don’t pull out the shorts and bikini’s too quickly knowing that Mother Nature and Old man winter

have a twisted relationship and love playing hide and seek with us)

They have been doing that to us since the beginning of time and most of us really don’t fall for it.

So let’s put our focus on what is coming in the next few weeks.

(barring Mother Nature and the Old man aren’t in the mood to play of course)

The days are getting longer.

The sun starts shining brighter.

The snowbanks at the end or our driveways will begin to shrink,

(which means no more gunning it out onto the road hoping Mr Bus isn’t en route)

Of course there is all that black and dirty snow from all the sand and salt which doesn’t give that spring- like appeal

(but it is a sign and at this point for me, a WELCOME sign)

The side streets finally widen to their original width and  get back to pavement but we all know to be very careful.

Those snow filled potholes are ripe for the picking and now it’s time to put your Nascar cap on just to bob and weave to avoid them.

(note to self: replace credit card I used to scrape my car windows with this winter so I can pay for the new tie rods and possibly a tire or two)

car scraping

Let’s face it, our get up and go starts emerging and winter blues begin to fade.

(which I find ironic that the term for winter blues is S.A.D (seasonal affective disorder)

So it’s just a matter of patience which may not seem as easy as we think,

but as I said we are just beginning our ascent into the light.

Soon enough this winter will be behind us, and patches of grass will appear.

The birds will become more apparent with their songs of joy that we all love hearing.

Except for that one big black crow who likes to scream first thing in the morning  outside my bedroom window and annoy the hell out of me.

(but hey… just another sign I suppose.)

Anyway, figured it was time to finally shed some sunshine into your day!

To any of you who have experienced those winter blues,

I hope SAD shifts to GLAD and you can get yourself ready to stop and smell the spring  flowers!

sweet 5

If you will excuse me,

a trip to the pharmacy today for some nasal spray to clear the ole’ sinuses and

time to work on some bending and stretching moves.

Make it a great day everybody!


3 thoughts on “Spring….are we there yet??

  1. yeah a chuckle for sure ….. and because we have been in a mess of rain for the last 6 days, we are beginning to see the light at the end of the season …………… come on sunshine , come on deck, come on flowers ……. .love your postive attitude , but then you always did.

    • Thanks my friend, but make sure you stretch for that flower sniffing…not sure about you, but the old springback ain’t what it used to be for this little girl 😉 LOL!!
      Have a terrific day and YUP!! Come On Sunshine!!

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