I remember, do you?


Brings you back, doesn’t it?

Right about now you are trying to remember some amazing memories.

Let’s see…

Dropping your friends off at the furthest part of the drive-in so they could wait for the cue to haul ass when the movie finally started.

(Oh sure, we had the owners of the drive-in completely fooled, didn’t we? Insert silly grin here…)

Let’s not forget the unlucky ones who drew the short stick to cram in the trunk.

(again, insert silly grin here)

 Unless however you were the unlucky one, but something tells me you still have that silly grin.

Okay, so maybe as a kid your memory is more about  getting bathed and dressed in fresh pj’s,

your favorite pillow and anxiously awaiting the popcorn, and whatever treats you could have that night,

and thinking “WOW, I get to stay up way past my bedtime, and I am so going to do that!”

Show of hands here.

Who didn’t make it through the second movie?

As a teenager it was all about the gathering rather than the actual movie’s themselves and back than a cheap way to spend a Saturday night.

Not sure about any of you but there is only 2 movies I can even recall watching.

So Grease was more than 20 and Airplane at least 10, but who’s counting.

(anyone who knows me, is fully aware of my obsession with Airplane.)

Surely I am very serious, and please stop calling me Shirley 😉

Oh and to those thinking that it must have been costly,

the drive-in back than was 2 bucks, so divided between twenty of us,

now you can see why it was the cheapest place in town to be a teenager and hang out.

(which makes me a little sad that teenagers these days will never have such incredible experiences)

grease 1


I realize I am hitting on a certain age group here, but the whole idea is to just go back in time.

Who did you hang out with, or who got trunk duty?

How about, who got caught sneaking in, or what movie did you actually watch?

(if you did at all, that is)

What about those damn speaker cords?

Anyone ever hear of people running and getting clothes-lined because they weren’t paying attention?

nope, me either

(stop laughing,  it only happened once okay!)

If it was family night, can you remember your favorite pillow or blanket?

What about that original smell of the popcorn as you stood in a line,

(which was so long sometimes , it actually trailed outside of the building)

and you missed the beginning of the first movie pretty much every time.

(guess this explains those damn speaker cords hurrying back)

drive in

And here we thought the 5 m.p.h. sign was for the cars!!

Well folks, mystery solved!

I realize that there are a lot more adventures to be told at the local drive-in but you know something?

Now is your chance to sit back,

maybe pop some popcorn and take yourself  back to your very own wonderful memories.

Enjoy the show everybody! 🙂

Make it a great day!


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