a gentle reminder…

kind words

Now that you have read this, what are you thinking?

Could it be that simple?

Mother Teresa lived her life this way, and look at how amazing she was to the world.

Let me share with you one trip to the hardware store that not only changed a strangers day, but mine as well.

I was on vacation and went shopping  with a couple of friends who needed to pick up a few things so I  tagged along.

We roamed around getting the things on their list and in no time,

we were standing at the checkout line.

There were a few people ahead of us, but as I looked up,

I noticed the cashier was a large African american woman,

( not that it even matters, but I just want to give you a more detailed idea of the story)

She seemed tired and not so happy.

Once we got up to the cash, the girls started placing their things on the counter.

The cashier than asked “How you doing today?” in a not so interested fashion,

to which they both replied, “fine thank you” and continued placing their things.

As the cashier proceeded to scan the items I piped up.

I was leaning over the end of the counter on my forearms and said,

“And how are you doing today Ma’am?”

Apparently that is a loaded question for some people.

She than responded,

 “Oh, not so good. I have been on my feet since 7 this morning, my back is killing me so it’s been a rough day. I didn’t sleep all that well last night. I can’t wait for this day to be over. I am exhausted!”

I responded with the usual, “Oh I am sorry to hear that. Sure hope your day is over soon. What time are you done today?”

As she continued scanning the items, and without turning towards me she replied “3 o’clock”

I than stood straight up and placed my hand on her shoulder and this is where I think it all turned around.

I said…

“Well aren’t you lucky, it’s 2 o’clock  now and you already  have 7 hours behind you and you only have 1 hour left till you can go home and take a nice hot bath, rest your sore back and put this day behind you.”

My friend jumped in and said, “Kimmie, I’m sure you’re not helping the lady.”

With a little smile on her face she looked at my friend and said,

“You know something, yes she is.”

She than turned towards me with an even bigger smile  and a much happier tone to her voice and said,

“Thank you Honey, I do feel better!

You just made my day!”

She than placed one hand on mine and looked me straight in the eye to say this.

“People ask me all day how I am and normally I just say I’m fine, because no one really cares anyway,

but the one time I tell somebody how I am feeling,

 I get a little angel like you who offers me kind words, good wishes and something positive to look forward to.

You have made a tired old lady feel good and I do believe I am going to have a much better day thanks to you.”

I really didn’t think what I said was a big deal, but to her it meant everything.

The incredible part of all this,

was not only did she look happier, she even sounded happier by the way she greeted her next customer as we walked away.

Now you see folks,

this little episode took all of about 8 to 10 minutes.

That’s how easy and effortless it can be to brighten someone’s day and the best part of it all,

it can brighten your day as well.


kind words 1

So if someone you encounter needs any kind of reminder,

A good thought, a kind word and a smile could be what turns a bad day into a good one for just about anybody!

So let’s go back and ask the question again.

Could it be that simple?

I’ll let you decide!

kind words 2

Make it a great day everybody!


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