the heart never forgets…

people said or did

Now how true is this?


We all have special little moments in our past that are etched in our minds  but as the years fly by,

 how easy it is that we forget how the story really goes.

Bet you can’t  remember the complete details of the conversation or that specific day for instance,

but that smile in your heart does.

Isn’t it interesting how that one moment in time,

 so long ago

is now only a feeling.

(of course at my age , last week can cause me just as much trouble)

I have so many stories to tell but I would like to share one childhood memory that makes the caption above so true for me.

As a kid and being in a bowling league, I would head to the alley every Saturday.

(not sure if it was morning, or afternoon…but it was daylight)

I do remember how excited I was that my Mom gave me money to have their famous french fries and gravy as a treat when I was done and sitting at the counter with one of those “kid smiles” waiting for it.

(that’s not the point I am trying to make, but damn those fries were awesome!)

Anyway, as I improved with every game,

I was coming just shy of bowling a 200 and it was somewhat of a goal of mine that my Mom knew I was working so hard to achieve.

After all,  nothing says “winner” like a badge sewn on your bowling shirt for the whole world to see.

(Ya Ya, so it wasn’t the whole world but I was a kid, and at the time  Plaza bowl on Saturday’s was my world)

Finally on one particular Saturday, this little bowling ace hit the 200 mark.

To be precise is was 229 or 234…or was it 236?

(told you the details get sketchy in time)

I have no recollection of who my coach was or my team mates for that matter,

but the crazy part is I do remember people cheering for me when I hit that 200 score and how big my smile was that day.

In my mind I think there were some  high fives happening  and there was definitely an energy in the building

but I still have no memory of who said what to me.

(which I know happened but like magic…Poof!!!  There it was…gone!)

I can’t place the faces or even the voices and the layout of the bowling alley is a total fog as well.

I do remember that I couldn’t wait to run home to tell my Mom.

(pretty sure by how pumped I was, my feet definitely didn’t touch the ground)

Oh and don’t forget something here,

this was way before cell phones so if you needed to share something amazing, you pretty much had to pull a Forest Gump to do that,

(which I believe I did, but again details, details, details)

This is just one little event in my life and although the specific details are something I cannot even muster up,

my heart still knows that feeling of the pride I had that day by people I shared an important life event with.

I do know that my bowling coach, team mates and my Mom congratulated me,  but I have absolutely no idea of what their exact words were,

however it sure seems so unreal that to this day I still carry that “holy crap I did good”  feeling inside me.

How incredible that the impact of people that I cannot even remember put so much joy in my heart and that I have never, ever forgotten it.

It’s something that hides somewhere in the back of  my mind and rarely do I ever think of it .

(unless I see a plate of fries or walk into a bowling alley of course)

the little things

So you see my friends…

On those days that you drive yourself crazy trying to remember what you thought were the little things at one specific time in your life

and created a feeling of joy in your heart,

 there is absolutely no need to pull your hair out trying to force it.

 The key is simple really…

The details from year to year may change or die out a little,

but the feelings in your heart

Will live forever!!!

Make it a great day everybody!


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