could it be that simple?

positive thought

So I woke up this morning knowing that I was fully rested, and even working on my second cup of coffee.

Still feeling out of sorts a bit.

Grumpy you could say, and wondering why?

 Even knowing that there wasn’t anything really bothering me.

I knew in my mind I didn’t have a milliion things to do today and it was a Monday holiday.

(Family day to be precise…what can I say, it’s a Canadian thing)

 I could lounge in my pj’s all day if I wanted,

however I did have laundry and we all know how much I HATE doing laundry.

(remember I am still crabby so cap locking is necessary to make my point when it comes to how much I hate laundry day)

Still doesn’t justify why I’m so cranky though?

 It certainly  doesn’t explain waking up on the wrong side of the bed either,

because truth be told,

I did wake up on my usual side.

I putz around a bit, making my bed and cleaning up a little,

still unmotivated but sluggishly moving around.

Finally I go do my Facebook and email check in,

and see what the outside world has to say for today.

I haven’t posted anything on my wall  because my heart isn’t into laughing or smiling quite yet.

(which bugs the hell out of me,  especially if you know me)

So I cruise on through the funny Facebook posts and out of the blue something catches my eye and before I know it,

I can feel the corners of my mouth attempting somewhat of a smile.

I decide to share it with all my FB friends and at that very moment it hits me!

I finally realize why my morning was off key.

I am someone who needs to know that I can start someone’s day with a smile.

As soon as I hit the share button, I could feel my heart lift.

That crabby and low feeling all of a sudden vanished.

Amazing how one thought you create can manifest and the wonderful thing is that you do have the power and ability to change it.

Here I was letting a feeling control my mood, and really all it took was something as simple as changing my mind.

What an interesting concept that  if I could shine light into someone else’s heart

(even for a very brief second)

my heart would shine too!

What a great feeling and now as I sit here I can honestly say I feel motivated to get on with my day!

(and yes…..even do my laundry!)

So if you find yourself feeling down in the dumps for no reason at all,

maybe it’s just as simple as making someone else smile.

It does the heart the good, let me tell ya!

a smile

Moral of the story…

I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours!! 😉

Make it a great day everybody!!


2 thoughts on “could it be that simple?

  1. Don”t ever feel grumpy Kimmie my lov e … you make more people smile or “ponder” in a day than hens s#$t eggs . Not very professional said but you know what I mean ……. you have the bestest day ….

    • okay now I have an image of sh*tting hens!! LOL!! You my wonderful friend, enjoy your day and Thanks Jackie for always encouraging and supporting what I do!! Luv ya and Happy Family day my friend!

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