there’s only one YOU!!!


What do you say we focus on ONE thing today?


Yes you, the one reading this.

We are all guilty of putting  focus on the things we CAN’T do.

Let’s just throw all the negative stuff to the side for just a little bit.

How about we open our minds to the possibilities that with every hill we do try to climb,

we actually CAN reach the summit.

I mean even in the smallest of challenges.

Some of us have made it a point to let fear hold us back and why?

Could it be failure?

Could it be lack of confidence?

Maybe it’s just the idea that we won’t be any good at it,

or screw it up like our mind seems to encourage us to do

or even worse,

envy others who we seem to think are better or smarter than we are.

So let’s say you broaden your mind right here, right now.

It is said so often that in order to achieve your dreams

 you must believe in yourself first.

 Very true but the way I see it…

If you don’t have those who encourage you and  “have your back” as they say,

it just makes that “belief” thing a little more challenging.

We all have our own personal qualities about us that make us amazing individuals,

but somehow we seem to want to compare the things about ourselves with others only to punish ourselves.

Why do we do that?

Why do we  live our lives with the intentions of being someone else and than wonder why we can’t reach the top of our own mountains?

 It’s kind of hard reaching that peak especially

 being someone else, don’t you think?

It’s good that we strive to do our best,

but where do we get the idea that someone else is more qualified to handle our situations?

How do we know that those who we think have the better lives are really in a better position than we are?

Last I checked, it was your life…

Not theirs.

So the neighbour down the street has the big lavish home and the expensive cars in the driveway.

Could it be possible that they sit in that empty home every Saturday night

because truthfully they have lost touch with the important people in their lives from working so much just to portray an image?

What about those who have God given beauty and can catch the eye of anyone,

but are lacking in personality or a sense of humor and don’t really have “true”  friendships to lean on?

I could go on and on,

but I think the point I am trying to get at is a simple one.

Who you are and what you are capable of  should never be defined by what you CANNOT do.

There is only ONE you living your life,

so the next time you find yourself looking up at that mountain.

Why not draw on what makes you an original?

You may just shock yourself!

which step

If you are the funny one, keep on  laughing!

If you are the musical one, keep on singing!

If you are the logical one, keep on thinking!

If you are the positive one, keep on inspiring!

 and last but not least!

If you are the spiritual one...


Make it a great day everybody!


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