is it just me?

shits n giggles

Are you like me and thinking, this is so cute.

Hang on for just one second!

There are some days I really can’t chance it.

Food or liquid intake in my diet wasn’t any kind of issue in my twenty’s and pulling an all nighter now a days is actually sleeping the night without going to the bathroom at 3 in the morning.

(if you can relate, thinking you are definitely nodding at this one)

Think back to a time when you had to go out for a couple of hours and without any thought process at all,

grab your keys and just go.

Nothing in your mind except for where you needed to be, or what you needed to get done.

Now it seems that there is a checklist in the brain before I attempt such a carefree move to leave the house.

Let’s see…

#1- think I’ll skip that last cup of coffee and take no chances.

#2- I’ll eat when I get back, because I know the cereal and toast are going to kick in midstream.

#3-   all dressed and ready to go, but I better pee ONE more time to be safe.

(you’re nodding again, aren’t you?)

#4- make a mental note as to where the bathrooms are on my route.

(may I just say that if you DON’T do this, it’s best not to venture too far from home unless you don’t mind wiggling in your car seat and hitting every single red light on the way home)

(Trust me on this one…YOU WILL HIT EVERY RED LIGHT !)

#5-  You finally leave the house, hit the cold and damnit!

(Back in the house because apparently #3 certainly didn’t go as planned)

These are just some to name a few, and what fascinates me even more is how much thought and effort go into just venturing out.

It isn’t that simple any more and not sure about you,

but going out for a bite to eat is another dilemma,

especially knowing what broccoli and cauliflower does to me.

(to which I will admit, I have run a few red lights for)

This whole aging thing certainly keeps us on our toes or at least doing that pee dance much more than we would like.

As annoying and frustrating as it can be and with all that running and dancing,

shouldn’t you be happy about one thing at least?



Make it a great day everybody!!


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