V day… is or isn’t??

10 Valentines Day Conversation Hearts

Let me share with you what Valentine’s Day ISN’T  to me.

It isn’t about the hype that flower shops or chocolate companies bank on.

(because quite frankly I can buy flowers and chocolate on ANY day of the year for someone I love)

It isn’t about picking a perfect card

(when in reality a card on any other day would be just as appreciated)

It isn’t about telling the one you love on just ONE day how much they truly mean to you.

It isn’t about buying into the fact that because you have been with someone for a short time that you care more about them today than any other day.

It isn’t about being with someone for a long time and feeling guilty

especially when you have spent all these years putting a smile on their face and love in their heart.

It isn’t about being single and  forcing your opinion that it’s a stupid day to those who actually treasure it either.

(and to those who are single, I am too, so no need to roll your eyes thinking I don’t understand)

I just don’t think it’s fair to trash something that is obviously something special to others.

There is no doubt that the whole idea of it has been lost somewhere along the line.

 It has definitely become more commercialized and for the most part,

millions of us have bought into it.

For myself the image I try to keep are the memories of my childhood.

(of course Christ was a cowboy back than)

So here’s what I think it is…

Being excited at school because craft day in the week leading up to it,

was about the paper plates, the white glue, the doilies and the idea that I got to use scissors.

The glue was my favorite part because we all slathered it on our hands waiting for it to dry and slowly peeling it off our fingers.

(which now explains to me why it didn’t turn out anywhere near what the teachers beautiful example looked like)

How excited I was that the creation of my project  would eventually be put on the fridge when I got home and how proud I would be that everyone got to see it.

Getting my Valentine cards and writing the names of each and every single kid in my class with the anticipation of getting a card in return.

(and yes even the kids I really didn’t like but there was something to be said about how many you went home with)

Those are just a few of the little things I try to hang on to.

I think the main thing to remember is that regardless of your relationship status,

or what your belief of this day is,

you can do one of two things.

Embrace the day for what it represents,

or grab some paper plates, glue and scissors and have at it!!

Of course I do recommend a nice bottle of wine and some chocolate

(only because we are now old enough)

However with that whole combination,

something tells me not to expect much of a difference than the one on your Mother’s fridge.

Either way, you are guaranteed to have some fun..

In saying that, here’s a fun Valentine’s Day poem

so smile and make it what YOU want!

occasion 3

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Make it a great day everybody!! 🙂


3 thoughts on “V day… is or isn’t??

  1. yepper …. love your “take” on Valentine”s Day………how simple it was all back then ……. in any case …you have a beautiful day , because as you said in the poem …..your heart is warm even when it snows ……

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