Why me God?

inspiration 26

So the other day proved to be a day of  “Why Me God?”

You know those days.

You set out to get things done thinking you have everything organized.

There isn’t really anything that overwhelming or pressing,

but you know you have to go out and face the world and in the words of Larry the cable guy,

“Git er done!”

In the span of one hour of my day,

I was cut off in traffic,

which did raise my blood pressure to make my ears turn red and yes a bit of a hand gesture did occur.

Not proud of that one, but I did have my mittens on so technically,

just me and the big guy knew that.

Once my heart slowed back to its  normal beat,

I do remember thinking

“That was close, but Why Me God?

So I make it to my destination, and proceed to find an” out of the way” parking spot.

You know the one?

Somewhere you know that is safe from those particular schmucks who feel it is necessary that you

need a can opener to get back into your car.

AHA!!  There’s one, and just as I approach,

 out of the blue, some putz decides to do a Dale Earnhardt

and skid his slick “look at me” monster truck into that spot

as I am about to make my turn.

(to be clear, I did have my signal light on the entire time so I guess he thought I was just sitting there flashing my lights to guide him in or something)

There’s that heated ear thing again,

and if that guy could read lips, I am positive he knew “truck” wasn’t the real word I used.

(again, not another proud moment)

However I continue on, and finally find myself a seemingly good spot.

I take a breath and before exiting my vehicle,

Again I say “Why Me God?”

Off I go, and everything from here on in seems to be going smoothly.

Finally what seemed like a rough start has managed to subside.

Hang on Harvey!!

I am out shopping and we all know better than to expect at least one crazy episode.

You guessed it!

There I am in the checkout line with the few items I went in for,

and before me stands Mary Jane customer.

I’ll be more specific.

We have all had that lady who waits till the last second to rummage through her purse in a mad search for her debit card or money only to dump it all over the counter.

 At this point, if I wasn’t so focused about the heat rising to my ears again,

I would definitely be thinking

“with the contents of what is in this lady’s purse, she would kill it on Let’s make a deal!”

(no hand gestures or lip reading at this point, but in my head, all hell was breaking loose)

Finally I am released and without any further episodes,

I make it to my car.

(no can opener required….Thank God!)

As I finally settle into my seat, I take a small breath thinking of the purse lady

and mutter in my head once again,

“Why Me God?”

Now that I am sitting comfortably at my computer and think back to those silly moments

It hits me!

 Maybe God doesn’t put us in those situations to piss us off.

Could it be that he just wants to hear from us  time to time and has a warped sense of humor?

 Testing our limits seems a bit on the cruel side, considering he wants us to love our fellow-man and all,

but what is it we have all been told?

God does work in mysterious ways.

Well played God…Well played!

My advice is pretty simple …

Before venturing out into what could be another  ” Why me God”  day,

gesture with a thumbs up, give him a wink and mouth the words very clearly,

“guess I’ll see you in a bit big guy!”

Make it a great day everybody 😉


4 thoughts on “Why me God?

  1. oh did I ever need to read this piece this morning ….. with aching legs and arms from shovelling all day yesterday, to-day I attemped to paint my bedroom ceiling and guess what came out of my mouth … you guessed it …. so with a different out- look on the day I will go back in that room with both thumbs up …. thank you Kim……

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