have you thanked your coffeemaker today?

Ode to a coffeemaker…

coffee 1

Dear coffeemaker…

Oh how you understand.

To often you are not recognized for what you do.

From every crabby Abby and grumpy Gus,

you are always at the ready.

Without fail, and with no complaints you brave the elements for some pretty scary human beings,

and yet you sit so still and confident.

You allow so many to push your buttons and yet,

you stay calm and poised.

Your service is so reliable and loyal,

and your only function is to make sure that those who stand before you,

begin their day with a jump start so desperately needed.

(of course we all know there are some who really do need jumper cables, but that isn’t your fault)

Always managing to provide the perfect blend of “get up and go” that so many of us need to function and your ability

to stay plugged into the life lines of all our hearts.

I would tip my coffee mug to you, but than there would be a spill,

and I wouldn’t want to hurt your feelings after all the hard work you put into my first cup of the day.

And you Mr Mug…

Always on hand regardless of the grip around your neck,

 and still so eager to please.

Providing with every cup,

the perfect aroma to open sleepy eyes and groggy minds.

Your attendance is impeccable, and never do you call in sick.

There is not one single time that you complain about the appearance of your masters,

(let’s face it, some of us would scare paint off the wall on some mornings)

You are fully aware that your time of being picked up and held will be limited and

yet you still show up every morning in hopes of that first smile of the day.

(and for some, this may take a few minutes)

coffee 2

In summary,

You are both neglected and although the two of you are recognized across the globe,

it is interesting that morning prayer does not begin with you both.

I am here to say Thank You!

You comfort so many,

and I just thought it would nice to pay tribute for all that you do!

coffee 4

If you haven’t thanked your coffeemaker and coffee mug…

What are you waiting for??

Good morning everybody and make it a great day!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “have you thanked your coffeemaker today?

  1. Very well put……. don” t think I”ll have another mug of coffee without thinkin about ya …… Have yourself a super day …..

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