that was then, this in now…

winter pic 1

Finally a gorgeous sunny winter day and this little Canadian girl had decided to strap on the skates and give it a go.

So it’s been a few years, but what do they say?

Something about riding a bike…right?

 I did anticipate the wobbles and knew enough to take my time.

No sense making a complete fool of myself right out of the gate.

So in slow and very shaky strides, off I went.

Not too bad

( a little perturbed that two 6 year old boys cruised by me like the speed of light)

but who was I to kid myself that I could motor on like in the good old days.

So slowly and carefully and gaining a bit more confidence with every stride,

I was starting to find my rhythm.

The interesting part is how I completely forgot what outdoor ice was about,

from the deep grooves

to the ice cracks

to the large  holes from the picks of the figure skaters.

It didn’t take long for it all to come back,

but I relied on my years of experience to forge ahead,

and than it happened…

In the blink of an eye,

vertical quickly re positioned into horizontal.

winter pic 2013

How lovely the blue sky looked from where I just managed to land.

Here I thought I had this, and before I knew it,

the kindest and elderly of gentlemen stopped by to help get my sorry ass up in an upright position.

As grateful as I was, and as polite as he was trying to be,

he said to me

“First time on skates …huh?”

Now I only had milli second to respond without making myself look like a complete novice.

After all,

I spent most of my life on the ice, playing in competitive leagues and years of power skating behind me,

so in that instant I had to come clean.

In a sheepish and slightly red faced look,

I replied…

“Yes sir, as a matter of fact, it is!!”

Okay, Okay so a little white lie.

Actually I honestly thought if I did tell him I had all these years of experience,

he wouldn’t believe me anyway.

So I figured chances are I may never see this man again,

and it would make him feel better that he rescued a poor lost soul out for lovely skate in the park.

Seeing as my butt was already bruised,

I saw no need to batter my ego as well.

As it turned out, I made it back to the ice shack and very thankful that a visit to the city hospital

( which was a stone’s throw away)

wouldn’t be on my agenda for this particular day.

This is the view from a vertical position,

and yes that building to the left is the hospital I referred to.

ramsey lake 2013

Turned out to be a glorious day and although I made a complete fool of myself and I ended up lying to a perfect stranger,

One thing is certain…

Good people really don’t care, just so long as they know you are okay and having fun!

A big thank you to a very kind man!

I sure hope you all had a great day,

because mine was a blast from all angles!!

Until next time friends… 😉


2 thoughts on “that was then, this in now…

  1. GOD, well written ……. you sounded just like the old Kim I know …. just made me a teeny wee bit homesick when I saw the scenery………………. beautiful………….

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