can I make you a sandwich???

Stewart Family pictures19

This is a story that I want to share because it is something that I have carried with me  my entire life.

The woman you are looking at is my Granny Stewart.

Sadly she passed away when I was only 3 years old, so I really don’t have too many memories of her except to look at pictures like the one above.

Where she is standing is a lodge she owned and operated for fisherman and hunters called

The Siesta Lodge….


As a child, I have been told we would spend time there, and to this day I really have no recollection of those moments.

There were several little cabins that were rentals to the customers and Granny lived in the Big lodge.

Again, unless I had seen pictures,

the events of those times really don’t exist in my mind.


This is me blubbering in front of the Big Lodge,

and I am not sure what the real deal was, but I am thinking Dad left to go fishing without me.

Now that I have given you a visual of sorts,

let me tell you my story.

There is one and only one memory I have of Granny and what is interesting about it,

is how much I remember the layout of the lodge at such a young age.

I remember walking into the lodge, and straight ahead about halfway up to the left,

 there was a doorway.

Out from that door, Granny had come out wearing an apron(white I believe).

I still hear her voice to this day when she said,

“Kimmie, are you hungry? Would you like a sandwich?”

I nodded and said yes,  and than she said,

“Well come in the kitchen and I’ll make you one.”

So I headed towards her and followed her into the kitchen.

I remember jumping up on my chair at the kitchen table

( which was situated  to the left of the room).

I can still envision  her standing at the kitchen counter with her back to me,

facing the kitchen window with the sun beaming in and making me my sandwich.

I am not 100% percent sure, but the curtains in my mind were a bright yellow and that folks is where the memory ends.

Now as little of a memory as that was,

there are many more details that have always been in my head about the candy jar on the bar or the layout of the furniture in the living area.

The interesting thing is when I first told my Mother of this, she couldn’t understand how I could remember such little details.

After all I was only 2 or 3 at the time,

and really we didn’t have too many pictures of the inside of the lodge to begin with.

How could it be possible that most days I can’t remember where I put my keys,

yet someone who really played such a small role in my life (and we are talking about maybe 10 minutes on this specific day)

can be so vivid in my memory?

There have been sometimes that I had wished I had more time with her and definitely more than one memory to smile about,

but the good news is…..

God has given me that one very special memory and all I know is that when we meet again,

I hope she can turn around and sit with me to share my sandwich!

Make it a great day everybody

and if you are as lucky as me…..

you won’t ever lose sight of the little moments!!


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