far beyond your inner circle…..

inspiration 41

Let’s be real for a minute.

If you own a computer, or have access to one,  it is more than likely you can truly relate to this.

Of course if you don’t, guess you won’t even see this I suppose.

How true this statement is,

if you have been so lucky as myself to have met some pretty amazing people.

I have always believed that the universe plays such an incredible role in what surrounds us,

and for the most part, it’s something we really pay no attention to.

It does sadden me that there is such a distance and chances are we won’t meet in our lifetime.

However what an incredible feeling to know that out there in such a large world,

you can connect on such a level of trust and faith and yes…

in friendship.

Oh sure,

we see their faces through a profile picture and can only imagine in our own minds what and who they are all about,

but  what  puts a smile in my heart is knowing that through some outer force,

we have been brought together to share

and in some little way,

to be connected.

I know there is a lot of scary episodes out there, and now a days you really have to be careful,

but if you manage to be lucky enough to find these incredible spirits,

they offer you the chance to learn and grow and know down deep

that you are being heard and understood.

Don’t get me wrong,

there is nothing that can replace your true friends in a physical sense,

but there are some times that what those from afar can offer is what you just may need for one specific day or moment.

I have been blessed beyond any thing I could imagine.

The universe has directed me to some pretty special people and if they are reading this,

I sure hope they are smiling because at this very moment,

I am…..

To all of you out there,

May the connections beyond your wildest dreams become blessings within your heart!!

Make it a great day everybody and God Bless!!


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