one, two, three……..BREATHE!!

smile 50

Mother Nature sure likes to throw a punch or would that be a kick in the pants with a wet noodle??

From rain, to snow….

Freezing rain to a dumping of the white stuff, not sure what gear to wear anymore.

All I know is there are some choice words me and the snow plow will exchange today and the commute to work should be a dandy.

The kids have had more snow days this last week than I have had my entire education and parents everywhere are scrambling to find daycare with the chaos of it all.

And the crazy stuff isn’t even just here, it’s everywhere.

So I will have to make this short and sweet because it’s time for me to get my moose hat and mittens on and plunge myself into the winter wonderland (trying to remain up beat here, so bare with me okay 😉 !!)

All I will say, is from the caption above,

if you find yourself about ready to blow a gasket,

Step one: Breathe!!

(my suggestion would be inside, or your nostrils may stick)

Step two: Count to ten before you lose it!!

(twenty if you are in a really crabby mood)

Step three: Find your happy place!!

(think flip flops and sandy beach and a fancy drink with an umbrella)

And if none of that works……..

Ask yourself if you have ANYONE with bail money before you attack the snow plow guy!!!!

Time to fly or should I say dig!!!

Make it a great day!!!

or at least make it to the end of the day!!

Carry On friends!! 😉


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