finding your strength within…….


This has always been a favorite prayer of mine

and I had to start off with it!

Knowing that there are a few people in my life,

dealing with some major struggles of their own,  I had to share.

Through what seemed as some of the darkest times of my life,

these words carried me through but what I discovered,

is they didn’t make the problems go away.

 Actually what they did do was give me the strength inside

to know I had the power within to NEVER  give up!

Every single challenge and obstacle seems like it’s enough

to convince you that you will not make it.

That you are the only one at the time

with the weight of the world directly on your shoulders.

That the hole you seem to be standing in,

has you  thinking you will always have to dig yourself out.

It consumes your mind with every waking moment of the day,

and has you feeling like you are up to your neck in quicksand,

powerless and helpless.

That as much as you make every attempt to remain positive and ” together”

in the eyes of those who surround you,

your mind is in complete chaos and confusion.

How much it drains you of the simplest of pleasures

because you just can’t seem to free your mind for even a few minutes of the day.

Through the course of our life,

we have all had tough times

(some more than others)

but still we have all had them.

Now here is something to  consider.

Just try to pick one event in your past

that had you feeling that same despair.

How broken you felt back then,

and how hard you prayed asking God to please pull you through.

That you honestly didn’t think you had the strength

or courage to get through it.

That answers you so desperately needed,

were no where to be found.

How easy you could convince yourself

that what you were feeling would never go away.

That no matter how much you laid awake at night and prayed,

the answers just didn’t appear like some miracle.

Just by sitting here reading this and remembering that moment,

guess what??

You did make it..

You did pull through!

You are sitting here reading this

and at this very moment,

what happened so long ago,

 hasn’t really crossed your mind until now, has it?

What you thought back then,

and how devastating your situation was

doesn’t seem so bleak now, now does it??

So why is that?

It is because regardless of anything,

your spirit stayed strong and you were stronger than you thought.

If you don’t think so,

than the very first crisis in your life

would have  done you in

and you would never have succeeded to be the person you are today.

Life is always about facing a battle,

and in every battle that you have overcome,

your ability to push forward came from somewhere.

Serenity, Courage and Wisdom are such powerful words

and you are the only one who can use them to fight or achieve anything.

 So  if you happen to be dealing with something that is challenging you right now,

and you are looking for something to start the process of finally moving forward.

worth it

Prayer is something we all do regardless of our religious background,

and in troubled times when it  knocks us back,

it seems to be our last resort.

The biggest misconception we have is we think it has the power to fix everything

we so desperately need,

but you know what?

The power of prayer isn’t about fixing or changing your situation.

It’s about finding your strength within

and trusting in the fact that if you conquered old battles,

you certainly have the drive to conquer one more.

I hope you find whatever prayer you need

that builds you up and pushes you through

because God only knows…

 I found mine!!

Make it a great day everybody

and may God Bless!


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