and today’s forecast is……….

winter 5

So today’s forecast reports -35 with the windshield factor and cautions that too much exposure may cause frostbite.

So I pull out my warmest thermal socks, grab my 40 below winter jacket.

Take no chances and bundle up with my favorite moose hat and matching mittens.

Slap on the warmest boots I can find and last but not least,

do that scarf wrap around my neck three or four times  and proceed to think to myself…..

Okay mother nature, I think I am ready to take you on!!!

As I step out into the dark yet still morning,

I quietly think to myself,

“this isn’t that bad”

and as I take in a crisp and clean breath through my nose,

all of a sudden my inside voice shrieks!!!


“Why don’t they ever warn you that if you do such a thing, there is a  HUGE  possibility  your nostrils will stick together.”

 How ridiculous did I look dressed like a bundled up version of the pillsbury dough boy,

making frantic gestures  just to breath?

Once the panic had settled,

it brought back memories of old.

Isn’t it funny, that as a kid, I don’t remember the cold,

but I do remember how dressed up we had to be before heading out.

How itchy and hot I would get standing all dressed up waiting for permission from my Mom, because my sisters weren’t ready.

How the snowbanks at the end of the driveway were so high, we could actually do our sliding in the front yard directly on the street,

(which I laugh at today, because when we were told to go play in traffic to get out of our parents hair……we actually did that!!)

Being summoned back inside after some time because our clothes were wet and cold and although our lips were blue and quivering,

still refusing to admit that we were actually frozen.

My favorite memory however,

is once we did come back in and Mom took our snowsuits and gear to dry them and place our boots upside down on the radiators,

 my sisters and I would go sit by our Grandmother and place our frozen toes just under her legs to warm up.

I still remember the tingling sensation in my feet as the warmth would finally start to circulate.

As an adult, I am not as big a fan of winter as I used to be, and trust me, I curse a lot more with forecasts like the one today,

but if I had to be thankful of one thing,

It sure brings you back to a time that made being a Canadian kid living in a frozen wonderland,

well worth it!!

So my friends, bundle up!!

 It is time for me to go and if anyone is looking for me,

My feet are cold, so chances are……………

I’ll be at my  Gramma’s !!

Make it a great day everybody!!


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