in the halls of our home………….

frames on wall


How many of you have a hallway in your house with family pictures displayed with pride?

Have you ever actually taken a moment to look at those pictures that have been hanging on that wall for what seems like  eternity?

You know……..

the ones that were carefully chosen with that perfect frame  and how evenly placed and spaced they are.

Each with their very own memory and story.

As I stood waiting patiently in the hallway this morning  for my turn to use the washroom and do my morning business,

I looked up for the very first time in probably forever,  glancing at the pictures that brought me back to remember each and every event.

How much younger most of our family was, and some that weren’t with us anymore

but still I smiled.

  Naturally rolling my eyes to one of  myself, thinking I seriously should get an updated picture.

Also thinking how perfectly displayed they were with that precision of who went were and why.

As I scanned every one, the memory of those moments came back to me and it got me to thinking……….

How many times had I passed by them, with not even a glance?

 (Of course it is on the way to the washroom, so that may explain a lot)

but has anyone else who walked the hall ever noticed the fine display of family history?

I have to be honest,

before my moment this morning,  if  someone were to ask me what pictures were there, I couldn’t even tell them.

So I have to wonder……..

Why do we place family pictures in the hallway only to be passed by without so much as a thought?

Who ever makes any sort of effort to stop and check them out?

Why not place pictures without a story,

 like scenery or abstract stuff or leave the walls with just a fresh coat of paint.

and then it hit me…….

Those pictures are not just there as a decoration but rather a moment in time.

What a nice feeling it was to reminisce of old and sweet times even if it was only for today.

So you have to ask yourself…..

WHO do you have placed in the hallway?

Could you remember all the pictures if someone like me actually asked you and if you could, are you thinking

 maybe it’s time to update or add more?

(don’t you dare stop reading this to go and peek either!!)

Here’s what you can do…….

 Tomorrow morning, when it’s time to head down the hallway,

and before you attempt to take care of  your business.

Slow yourself down for a second and look up….

You will be surprised at the faces smiling back at you.

It is a very easy way to warm your heart in the morning, at least until the coffee kicks in anyway!!

Life has a way of speeding by, especially in the halls of our home,

but you chose those pictures for a reason and that reason may be for one single purpose.

To remind whoever has to wait in the hallway, to please take a minute,


and very simply…….

Enjoy the view!!

Make it a great day everybody!!


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