from my heart to yours….

inspiration 23

I had just laid my head on my pillow, and got myself snuggled in my warm bed, yet my mind wouldn’t settle down.

I had to get up and do this!!

 I just couldn’t believe that the stat’s for my blog had surpassed 800 views.

Of course, to the avid bloggers out there,

this is what you call “chump change” but to this little girl, it may as well be 8 million.

Those who know me personally are fully aware  how much of a  big deal I think this is.

 I am a Canadian girl,

born, bred and raised in a mining town my entire life, with nothing more than a grade 12 education,

and here I sit sharing stories with people who are actually anxious for what I have to say next.

What you may not understand, is when I started writing,

I honestly believed that my little circle of friends and family would be the only audience I would have

(which was absolutely fine with me)

 and the love of just telling my stories were the only intentions I had.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that my words would be read beyond that.

Visitors from the other side of the world have even taken a peek.

Who knew that the events of my life would really be that interesting to the rest of the world.

Not me, that’s for sure!!

Well ladies and gentlemen, I stand corrected!!

It seems that as little of a voice you may think you have,

it can turn around in a heartbeat especially if your deepest  intentions are simply to shine love and light.

I know this isn’t the story some of you have been waiting for,

but I just thought it was high time that I said Thank You!!!

Without all of you, I may have stopped after the first try.

It just goes to show you, that when you have people who believe in you and encourage you,

Anything is possible!!

You have ALL made me better than I thought I could ever be!!

From the bottom of my heart…..

Love and Light Always!!

God bless~~


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