we are all that someone…..

inspiration 14


I know for some,  this  may be too hard to comprehend, but if you are at all unsure,

think of just one person in your life that smiles when they see you and you can always feel it.

Pick one person you’ve shared a belly laugh with,

or couldn’t catch their own breath because of that silly joke or story you told them once.

What about that one visit you had with them and you made them giggle like a little girl, or roared like a lion.

How you noticed the tears in their eyes from laughing so hard.

What about that phone conversation that had them laughing so hard,

you couldn’t understand a word they were saying.

How about that one time, you called to say hello, and the sound in their voice seemed so grateful because you simply thought enough to call and check in.

You cannot tell me there hasn’t been one time!!

The funny thing is we do it everyday, but we don’t pay attention.

We get too busy and distracted but it happens and we dismiss those silly little moments we create.


 Go back and read the caption  ONE MORE TIME and think of that one special person or moment.

 Try to remember the big smile on their face, or the sound of their laugh. 

(go ahead, I’ll wait……take your time!!)

You do realize that if you just smiled at that one little memory of how you brightened that person’s day,

it can only mean one thing ………..


I truly believe this should be every person’s good night prayer!!

Make it a great day everybody !! 

Luv and Light always!!



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