when I look back……..

I have a question.

Have you ever sat and thought about anyone who has ever played a small part in your life, yet somehow has managed to be a significant role in who you are and what you are capable of ?

The reason being, is since I started writing my blogs, what is amazing to me is how easy it is that I can sit and put my thoughts down in writing.

There is one person in particular that comes to mind.

He was my grade 12 English teacher, Joe McCabe,  who saw in me what I never knew existed when it came to my creative mind.

I remember the first day I walked into his class, as we all filed in and proceeded to take our seats,which were lined up in the usual rows.

He waited till we all got settled in and as he stood at the front of the class he then announced…

“Good Morning everybody, before we begin, I would ask that you all take your desks and line them up against the walls to form a “U” shape  and have the center of the class wide open.  This way I can see all your lovely faces”

Right from there I knew this was going to be a completely different experience from any other class I had ever been in.

Those of us who always took seats at the back couldn’t do our usual hiding but there was something very real and comfortable about this man,  so there wasn’t the typical grumbling as we moved our desks.

His way of teaching meant he would roll his chair to the middle of the floor everyday, lean back with one leg crossed over the other and almost look like he was sitting at home in his lazy boy, absolutely comfortable as he taught each and every class.

He just had a way of talking to us, and allowed us to be the teenagers we were.

One specific day, as we were taking our seats, he asked “Does anyone have a car here today?”

I put up my hand and said “I do sir, Why?”

He asked if I would go to his house and pick up a box he needed for his next class. His wife was home and he only lived around the corner, so I thought…why not!!

As I was heading out the door, he stopped me and said “Thank you Kim, and for doing this, I’ll put 7 extra marks on the assignment due next week”

I remember walking down the hall with the biggest grin ever, thinking  this guy is too much but I sure could use all the help I could when it came to my grades.

Now here is where the story makes me think so much of this man.

The following week, as he handed out the graded assignments, he made his rounds but for some reason,  delayed giving me mine.

So I just sat and watched as he explained to each and every one,  what he liked or thought needed improvement.

Finally he came and stood in front of my desk, and to be perfectly honest, I was just anxious to see 7+ at the top.

He had the biggest grin on his face when he handed it to me.

When I looked at the front of my assignment cover, there it was in bold red writing…

100 + 7 =  107

and below it,  this is what it said,


” In all the years I have been teaching, this has to be the finest collection of answers I have ever seen!!”

When I looked up at him, and of course my jaw hitting the floor, he gave me a wink and a smile and said,

“You deserved it!!’

It has been a little more than 30 years since this happened, and trust me, it didn’t happen again,

but I still have that copy tucked away in a special folder to remind me of this……..

 Most of the things I do, I am not perfect at,

but on ONE special day

I was!!!

The great thing is, last year was our 50th High School reunion, and after all this time, I was able to say,

“Thank You Sir, I still have my assignment with your kind words”

He winked, smiled and said,

“You deserved it Kim!!”


and if you are as lucky as me…..


Make it a great day everybody!!


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