a new year….a new beginning!!

First day of the New Year and I awaken thinking…..

 How many will be waking up today with that feeling of an axe between their eyes, or a feeling of moss growing on their teeth from a night of celebration?

I was a good girl and made it a quiet night, but surely remembered I too had put my mind and body in such a painful state to start the first day of the year.

That being said…….

I have begun this year with a clear mind, and like so many, a renewed spirit that this could possibly be the year that will be the BEST to come.

Our faith is so strong on this ONE day.

There is a sense of optimism or energy among us all, that we truly believe that the first day of the year is  what will set the tone for what is to come.

It’s almost as if we have all been given a reset button, to recharge our dreams.

To make promises to ourselves that the possibilities are endless for whatever tomorrow brings.

It’s like we have opened the curtains and are amazed to find the sun shining in..

Clearly to awaken us……

What amazes me, is how quickly we lose this spirit.  How easy it becomes an after thought once the rigors of our everyday lives begin.

Life has a way of doing that…..

Pulling us back to thinking it ALL can’t be sunshine and roses…

But what if it could??

What if this is the year we finally place in our minds, that through whatever is thrown at us, our faith and strength is something that can completely pull us through.

Don’t get me wrong….

We have no way to avoid hurt or disappointment ( this past year has certainly proved that)

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that we have charged our souls with enough courage and strength to carry us through anything Life seems to throw at us.

I guess what I am trying to say  is….

Why not take that energy we all have on the first day of the New Year,

and keep it alive tomorrow,

and the next day….

and the next day……

and so on, and so on!!

I realize that this  is not an easy task, and not even sure this is the answer to a perfect day or  perfect year

 but it certainly can’t hurt to try!!!

Thinking this should be a prayer before you rest your weary head…

‘Take the dreams I have today

and carry them  into MY tomorrows !!’

Who knows?? It may just work!!!


Have an incredible first day!!




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