Hello New Year!!

And so we begin…


Another New Year of promises,

grand ideas of making it a better year

with intentions of starting

by making yourself a better you.

Time for those silly resolutions,

and yet for some,

they only prove to be

a huge pain in the ass

before the first week of the year

is even over.

We all make those dreaded promises

to become healthier and more physically fit

just to name a few.

We try to convince ourselves

that this will be the year

we not only conquer those requests

but we overcome them

 and that for some delusional reason

it is what will make our lives

more enjoyable, prosperous

and maybe even better human beings.

I honestly believe that resolutions

should be things we don’t really have to strive for.

If in the past years

you were someone who comforted,

empowered or simply gave strength

to someone in need,

shouldn’t that be what you continue to do?

Boy giving food to a homeless man

Although there is absolutely nothing wrong

with making yourself stronger and more healthy,

your heart and time

is the most important thing you can share with any other living soul.

In times of need,

it’s the strength of your convictions

that people around you

 count on the most.

It is the one thing that doesn’t require you to set up an appointment

or schedule in.

It can happen at any given moment

with something as simple as a smile,

a quick call

or maybe just a kind word.

We are all more than capable of achieving this,

especially if we love the people in our lives

and feel compassion for those we don’t really know that well,

but in our hearts

and we must completely understand,

that it can be possible to change a little piece of someone’s day.

I honestly believe that when you empower anyone,

you unknowingly empower yourself

and I don’t really think

anyone has ever pulled a muscle

doing it.

I realized years ago,

that making resolutions can be a wonderful thing,

but for myself, the most effective one I could make

was to be exactly who I have always been.

I have never had to work on, or change anything

when it comes to being a good person.

God has blessed me with amazing people in my life,

and if promising to be there for any of them

at any given moment is a goal I need to set,

than in three simple words…


Being kind is something

we can all do every day of the year

and the best part is

you won’t even have to break a sweat!

So my friends,

now that you all know what my resolution is

 and will forever be,

time to think of yours.

To each and every one of you,

I wish you the BEST YEAR EVER

and hope that you succeed

in whatever you decide to achieve!

Luv and Light Always,

*Happy New YOU 🙂 *

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