take a moment…..

 I wrote this for a dear friend, and realized I should share it with everyone special in my world…

You have a friend…

Someone who may not have the power to remove the chaos in your life, but certainly wishes they could…

Who recognizes you need some sort of relief,

So here goes….

Every person alive knows, that there is always one minute in every day, that for some unknown reason, a feeling of quiet sets in your mind.

Most never recognize it, and just let that moment pass without understanding.

That is a moment you need to make time for.

It is a moment that someone who cares about you, thought about you today, and asked God to to fill your heart with peace knowing how very special you are.

23 hours and 59 minutes of a day, you can run, dwell and cope, but if you can remind yourself to stop, close your eyes and seriously savor that one moment.

You will feel a sense of calm in your heart and mind, knowing that someone special asked God to give you

that EXACT  moment……

So my friend!!

take a minute,

Focus only on that ONE  moment.

The craziness of life will be there waiting,

and although it may not change anything.

        You can always say…..


Make it a great day everybody!!



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