My Mama……

When I say “soldier”, what  comes to mind ??

Naturally it’s the same thing we all think of ,  but the soldier in my life that I would like to talk about is someone who has lived her own sacrifices and is a soldier in her own right.

This incredible warrior is my Grandmother

AKA…….Mama !!

mama mother's day

She was born in 1921 but if you ask her, she will still say she is 49 and holding.   Her mother passed away when she was an infant.  She was the youngest of her siblings so she was sent to be raised by another family because her father was too busy working to provide for the older siblings and wanted her to be raised with love.

She never completed her schooling because in those days, it was more practical to work  and put food on the table  than to  have an education.

She survived the depression and went through watching the effects of WWII.

She eventually married and divorced and still raised three children, ALL on her own.

In order to provide for her family,  and because she didn’t have that education, she worked as a cook, sometimes 2 or 3 jobs at a time.

She tells us a story that the bill collectors used to come on horse and buggy to collect payments every week and how she would pay whoever needed to be paid, (first come first serve),  but when the money was gone, the last one to arrive  would be out of luck and would have to be there earlier the following  week if they wanted their  money.  She said it made paying the bills a bit more fun as she would stand at her window and watch  to see them all trying to outrun each other to get to her door every week.   Can you imagine doing that today??

She worked  until her body just couldn’t take it any more, and finally had to give in and retire.

Today she is the only surviving member of  all her siblings.

She has gone through two hip replacements, has arthritis in her hands, wears a hearing aid,  struggles with a nerve disorder (Guillain-Barre syndrome) and has battled cancer. The most amazing part of all this, is how little she  complains except if her walker gets in her way!!  At that point, you just best get the hell out of her way!!

We are so lucky, because this Christmas she is 91 and although the strength in her body is weak, we are guaranteed to see that sparkle in her eyes when her family gathers for our Christmas meal.  I swear that’s the Christmas gift she treasures the most.

The luckiest thing for me, is that she will get to read this!!

This is what My Mama taught me………..

Be kind, be understanding and be polite.

Be thankful for your Mom and Dad.

When you work, work hard and feel good that you did a good job.

Always be there for your family.

Respect your elders (actually respect everyone)

Travel and see the world while you are young enough to enjoy it.

There is absolutely NO reason to ever be cruel to anyone.

If someone needs help, do whatever  you can.

Be strong in what you believe in, but humble enough to accept the belief’s of others (even if you don’t like it)

Be thankful for everything that  you have.

and  I think the most important thing she has taught me……..


Thank You Mama, for instilling in me the gift of love, compassion, laughter

and most of all……



mama and me..

God bless everybody and cherish every moment with those you hold dear to your heart.

Make it a great day everybody!


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