keeping the spirit alive……..

inspiration 27

I have to address this.

With the sadness of the event in Connecticut

and having some very close family and  friends

who are dealing with the loss of those so close to their hearts,

 I am having such a terrible time trying  to justify being who I am.

I cannot let go of wanting to continue what I do

in spreading laughter and inspiration

without looking as though I am being insensitive to the pain they are going through.

 It truly bothers me that I can carry on with the events of my day,

knowing others are just trying to get by.

Those who know me,

are completely aware of my sense of humour,

and how my purpose on this earth is to simply shine light in their day.

In no way whatsoever do I take their suffering lightly.

Trust me,

I have as much hurt and anger inside of me

justifying the pain and heartbreak they are trying to cope with

and my wish is  beyond imagination that I could heal them any way I can.

That being said………..

The unfortunate thing is life has a funny way of still going on.

 I have to convince myself,

that trying my best to spread joy to those who are still here,

is the best way to pay respect to those angels we have lost.

Although their presence is gone forever,

the best way to pay tribute to their souls is to continue living.

 Being happy or in a good mood

does not mean you don’t care or you don’t hurt,

it just means through them you have the ability

to keep their spirit alive

until it becomes your day to be one of God’s angels!!

There is absolutely no rhyme or reason

as to who God takes,

or his timing for that matter,

but one thing is certain.

Those to which we pay tribute to  today

will be standing with open arms

when it becomes our time

and I’d be willing to bet this is what you would hear.

“Thank You for holding me in your heart,

smiling when you said my name

but most of all

keeping my spirit


*Luv and Light forever*


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