blessings of a friendship……


the gang

After spending a night with some long time and very dear friends, I realized something so spectacular.  One of the biggest achievements  that I am most proud of,  are the friends I have been so blessed to have in my world.

Through out my life, there are those that I have known for what seems like eternity, and throughout the events and phases of my life, the new ones I continue to meet.  What makes my heart melt,  is that each and every one has made me the person I am.  Each with their own characteristics, and ability to bring out the best of mine.  How that in every situation, not only could  I count on their physical presence, but their emotional one as well.  That regardless of their  impact, there is  and will always be  a place in my heart for each one.

Life has an amazing ability to put distance between us, and yet the power of our connection never breaks.  Our lives become busy, we get caught up in the drama of this thing we call “life” and yet, when just one of us are in need, how quickly we come running.

Whether the memories go as far back as you can remember, or you just created a brand new one, the most inspiring thing for me  is that we never stop making them.

If there is one thing that I have always bragged about is how much I treasure the amazing  friends God has given me.  Every so often I will stop and think about other people. Wondering if they have been so lucky to have what I have.  How sad it can make me feel knowing that they don’t, and they are missing out on such an extraordinary  blessing.

I guess being in my late 40’s,  time is becoming very precious.  We take our friendships for granted, thinking that they will always be there.   Our biggest fear is the idea that  it is possible the next time, one of us may not be sitting there.  Not sure about any one you, but that scares the hell out of me.  Think of those you have lost and how many times you wished you could see them just one more time.

In saying that,…..

With every single opportunity that you are given the chance to spend time with a friend……..

Take it!  Embrace it! Treasure it!

So if that day ever comes, it not only becomes your precious memory, it also becomes theirs!!

To each and every one of you that I call “Friend”……

I love you with all my heart and thank you for making me be a better person in everything that  I do!!

Oh and to be very clear, you know who you are, especially if you just smiled!!!!

God bless and have an amazing day!!



2 thoughts on “blessings of a friendship……

  1. I don,t know what to say …. I am tongue -tied ………. just think about about THAT one for a min… lol lol ………… you are good and I am so happy to re-connect after all this time ……. xo xo love ya my friend ….

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