The letter……

The Letter……

Have you ever got to a point where you just can’t seem to put your thoughts together, or you have so much going on in your mind, that it all just seems too overwhelming.

When I started writing, I was completely focused on things to inspire or enlighten. I just wanted to share some great memories or tales to make anyone who could relate, smile and enjoy their day. I did not anticipate what would happen next.
With a few stories under my belt, and a feeling of such accomplishment, I sat at my computer ready to share yet another work of art and within minutes I realized that my words had absolutely no flow to them. Honestly, I had been struggling for days. Was I already done with being a creative spirit? Did I already say all that I needed to say in only a handful of stories? How did this happen? I was so proud of what I had already done, and so eager to continue. I had such amazing support from some incredible people. In what seemed like a heartbeat, I lost the inspiration I needed.

Knowing that you can’t force something out of nothing, I shut down my computer and gave in for yet another day. At this point, I can honestly say I was so discouraged. Reluctantly, I set out to get some things done, yet still in the back of my mind, feeling like I had failed in some way, I truly thought I found my path, and as quickly as I started this, I had lost it as well.


there in the mailbox, a letter………

From out of the blue, there was a card which stated “I wish amazing things for you girlfriend!” and inside was a letter from my Auntie Isabel who was informed by another proud Auntie, that I had started writing, and she read my work.
She than expressed how very proud she was of what I was doing , and with encouraging words said “Keep Going”

I have always believed that the universe works in it’s own mysterious way, and just when you think, that all hope is lost, a sign is sent to you. Sometimes we get so absorbed in the confusion, we can miss the miracles, but today, my eyes were wide open and before I knew it, here I sit telling you my story.
I don’t have a clue as to how she knew that I needed that letter or that two simple words like “Keep Going” could drastically alter my creative mind and allow me to write with that flow I so desperately needed. Our contact is not a regular thing, but her words reassured me that on any given day, when the spirit of my thoughts are ready…..That is when I can share with the world!!

There is more to that letter, and if you don’t mind, I would like to keep that between her and I, but I will share one more thing she said to me.

“The only thing you have in this world that is private and your own, is your mind.
It is yours,
and No one can ever take that away!”

The reason I shared this story is because Miracles happen everyday,
and today mine came in a letter………..

From the bottom of my heart, Thank You Auntie Isabel!!
Love and light always!!

Have an amazing day everybody, I know I will!!!



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