in the eye of a storm…..

eye of the storm

We all have our own personal obstacles.

 Moments in our life

and at one time or another,

forcing us to deal with a whirlwind of chaos.

Like a storm,

it circles us with such force and destruction to the very core of our being.

It has no prejudice toward any specific person.

It will appear at your door,

fully equipped to demoralize and destruct.

It challenges us to face demons that for some reason,

pull us down to weaken our spirit

and question so many beliefs we thought we had.

In good times,

we believe we can be strong enough,

but when the floor seems to be ripped from beneath our feet,

it is then that our true strength is tested.

There is not one single person alive who has mastered complete peace and unrest.

Even those we consider to be strong or unbeatable,

they too face heartache and despair.

Now here is where it can change.

Any storm,

with all its power makes it path,

but the truth of the matter is,

all storms eventually come to an end.

The great thing however

is while standing after it’s destruction,

 feeling a sense of peace,

and the dust has finally settled,

the great thing always seems to be…

You are still STANDING!

Sure you are battered and worn down,

but you aren’t beaten!

 In the moments when you thought there wasn’t any light,

you continued to search,

and that my friends is all the power you truly needed

to make it through what seemed like the darkest tunnel in your life.

From the obstacles and challenges that I have had to face,

there is one thing I truly believe works.

The happiest times of your life

are when you feed your power and strength.

You are at the height of your own confidence.

Think back to a time of your life

when you truly felt empowered.

 How you carried yourself,

that smile on your face or that bounce in your step.

How nothing around you could kill your spirit

because your inner strength was just too strong.

Those are the times

that you place that strength into a  storage area within your soul,

 so when that moment of heartache or destruction rears its ugly head

and you find yourself in the “eye of that storm”  once again,

you know exactly where to look when it’s time to fight back!

This is a favorite saying of mine,

 so I will pass it on to you.

Failure isn’t  falling down,

Failure is staying down!

I wish you strength in every journey you take,

but most of all…

The power to STAND!!!

power to stand

God bless everybody!!


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