a timeless memory……

This is a memory that to this day, still makes me smile.  I hope you enjoy!!

I remember on one specific day, I had picked up my three little adorable nieces. One 3 year old and the other two being 5 or 6. The three of them buckled in the back seat of my car all dressed up in their pretty little outfits and off for an adventure.  As we drove and with the music of the radio playing, the three little angels giggling and singing with the simple joy of  enjoying that exact moment in time.  As we drove, the “Barbie” song was the song that truly brought out their inner “pop star” and I knew I had a CD in the car with that very song on it.

So being the “cool”  Auntie, I thought to myself….crank this sucker and let them sing it like they own it, and of course think I was the absolute “coolest”  Auntie on the planet….

Music blaring and the bass making my rear view mirror vibrate, I sang along with them. Now of course, I had to keep my attention on the road ahead, and because the music was so loud, I really couldn’t hear the words they were saying  as they sang,  so I had to assume they were rocking their little bodies side to side and singing their sweet little hearts out with those little chipmunk cheeks that always made my day.

As I approached a red light and came to a stop, it was then that  I finally realized what was really going on behind me. As I looked in the rear view this is what I saw…..

Just like the “hear no evil” buddha  statue…..all three little angels screaming at the top of their lungs with their hands covering their ears and shouting, “AUNTIE KIMMIE, IT’S TOO LOUD, PLEASE TURN IT DOWN!! WE CAN’T HEAR OURSELVES SINGING!!!”

It was than, that I realized that I didn’t have to prove anything at all. They were already content that we were all hanging out and just enjoying the ride.

Just an added note…..I think what made this a fun memory for me is that the 3 year old  had absolutely no clue as to what the screaming was all about, and with covered ears……felt the need to shout the loudest!!  How can you not love “innocence?”

I hope this one made you smile and remind us all that it’s those “little” moments you treasure forever!!

Have an amazing day!!

Until next time………


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