If you had the power…..

Let me ask you one question…

If you had just one chance to have a super-power, what would it be?

super hero

 Would you want to fly,  be the strongest person in the world or maybe be invisible?   Would you wish to be the smartest or most talented?  Would your super-power be not that of a physical kind, but that of spiritual  kind? Would it be to rid the world of hunger, stop all wars in the world  or maybe have the ability to cure  every known disease.

I’ll tell you why I am asking, because I woke up this morning, knowing that there are some people in my life dealing with struggles and  heartbreak. We all have someone in our lives trying to cope with some sort of loss. We stand by and watch them suffer, and nothing to me is more unsettling than how helpless of a feeling that is.   No matter how much we try to ease their pain or offer comfort, their souls are damaged. Let’s face it, we all have been there, and it’s a place that take’s away a piece of you.

Worst of all,  time is the only medication for it. It’s one thing we face, that has absolutely no instant cure.  The time it takes to watch them cope, seems like an eternity, so while I lay in bed this morning with the notion, that if I could have a super-power, I can honestly say, mine would be…

broken heart

To heal a broken heart!

To be able to take their hand, or hold them tight enough, that through my strength and powers, rid them of that sinking, and grief stricken feeling.  Can you imagine being able to remove the despair and darkness they carry.   To virtually shine light within them, only to empower them to face those bad days.

The fact remains, that if you are human, you have had those moments.  Either dealing with tremendous loss, or stood on the other side,  watching in your own pain because you really don’t have the power to take that hurt away.

I think this is why I chose this one.  The human heart is so tender. It’s the key to every living soul and when someone you love is dealing with some sort of tragedy or loss,  you not only watch them physically fade, but you also see their hopes and spirit fall with it.

So again, I ask you.  What super-power would you choose, if given the chance?

There is probably a lot more I can write about

 but my true intention  is that you actually take a minute to ask yourself,

what you would choose?

thinking 6

Dream big and I pray you have a great day!!

Carry On!!


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