the meaning of Christmas spirit….

Just like so many of you,

I too find myself at this time of year struggling

with the true meaning of Christmas.

I have shared this true story with some,

but I feel it is so important to pass it along,

not only for those who haven’t heard it before,

but also as a reminder to myself.

It was approaching yet another holiday season,

and naturally I was caught up

in the whole “Grinch” syndrome so many of us deal with.

grinch with a present

The idea of going to crowded malls,

searching and dealing with some other “Grinch” like characters

was something I was in absolutely no mood to get involved with.

This particular day

I was having an inner battle in my head to go and do some Christmas shopping.

I got myself dressed and dragged my reluctant self into my car,

grumbling the entire ride there.

I found myself standing in the aisle of greeting cards,

scanning what I had hoped would jump out at me,

and I could quickly be on my way.

 As I stood there

(still grumbling to myself)

I overheard a women ask someone

to help her select some Christmas cards because her eyesight was very poor.

Whoever it was, told her they were in a hurry and apologized that they couldn’t help.

The next thing I knew,

this fragile woman approached me and asked if I could help her.

Seeing as I was so unsuccessful with my own search,

I figured, “why not”

I asked what sort of cards she was looking for,

and between the two of us,

we found exactly what she needed.

Now here is where the story got me in the heart.

In a quivering voice and what looked like tears in her eyes,

she smiled at me and said.

“Thank you so much my dear,

you have no idea how much I appreciate that you took your own time to help me.”

Now I am not going to lie and say I was so cool and collected

because in all honesty,

I sure was glad her vision wasn’t the greatest,

otherwise she would have seen my eyes glazing over.

It was in that very moment,

that I finally understood the true meaning of Christmas.

I truly believe God knew how disgruntled I was feeling,

and decided to show me that regardless of how inconvenienced I was feeling towards the whole Christmas experience,

I was being directed to experience the joy of helping another human being.

I have always hated Christmas shopping but I have to admit,

that had to be the BEST day I have ever had doing so.

 I truly walked with more of a bounce and a lightness in my heart.

One friend to whom I told this story too said to me,

“Kimmie,  Alabama’s song “Angels Among Us”

 was written for that exact moment,

and you truly were that lovely woman’s angel”

That may be true,

but honestly she became my angel that day.

She opened my eyes to believing that if you show kindness,

it will truly shine light in your heart.

That is my Christmas tale,

and if at any point you are struggling with the craziness of Christmas,

my advice is simple:

Hang out in the greeting card aisle.

You just don’t know who may need you

and how empowering it is

to make someone smile!

inspiration just care

Peace and love to all!


One thought on “the meaning of Christmas spirit….

  1. Reblogged this on This little light of mine…… and commented:

    Sorry to say that my “creative” juices haven’t been working lately,
    but as we are all embarking on another Christmas season,
    I thought to bring this one back as a gentle reminder.
    Please enjoy the read and keep it in mind when you’re out and about!
    God bless and have a great day everybody xoxo

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